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Volunteering with Heartfelt Tidbits


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Heartfelt Tidbits.

As a 100% volunteer based organization, we truly appreciate each and every volunteer. We welcome all forms of commitment, whether it be for a  single commitment or a regular and more involved volunteer role.

Please read through the information below to find your tidbit today! When you're finished, click to fill out the sign-up form:


What is it like to volunteer at Heartfelt Tidbits?

"Despite the language barriers, the ladies welcomed me, the stranger, with open arms. Now we've become a family of sisters. I appreciate all of them."

- Brenda, Makerspace Program volunteer

Ron, left, volunteers at the English and Citizenship program.

Ron, left, volunteers at the English and Citizenship program.

Rania, right, volunteers with transportation and for special events.

Rania, right, volunteers with transportation and for special events.

"The work Heartfelt Tidbits does to support refugees and immigrants is extremely important, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I will continue to cherish my time here and the connections I've made with people from all walks of life."

- Helena, Mt. Holyoke intern


Ready to pitch in? Browse volunteer opportunities below.

Transportation banner.png



One of the most important and constant needs we have here at Heartfelt Tidbits is assistance with transportation. We always need volunteers to pick up and drop off our newest neighbors. We carry insurance for drivers who choose to use their own cars and we own a van that volunteers may opt to use instead. This volunteer opportunity can be added on to another task, or it can be a standalone option.

English and Citizenship banner.png

English & Citizenship


volunteer opportunities

  • English teaching
  • Substitute teaching (short or long term)
  • Citizenship teaching
  • Supervising children 
Youth Support banner.png

Youth Support


volunteer opportunities

  • Tutoring students
  • Helping youth with college goals, preparation, visits, and/or applications    
  • Helping with FAFSA forms
Job Readiness banner.png

Job Readiness


volunteer opportunities

  • Helping with resumes
  • Assisting with job searching  
  • Preparing clients for interviews
New Neighbors banner.png

New Neighbors Program


volunteer opportunities

Volunteers who choose to participate in the New Neighbors program are connected with a refugee or immigrant family in need of assistance. Responsibilities will be agreed upon after connecting a volunteer with a family.


Makerspace banner.png



volunteer opportunities

  • Teach or assist with an art class

  • Teach or assist with a fiber arts (alpaca wool) class

  • Teach or assist with a sewing class

Community Gardens banner.png

Community Gardens


volunteer opportunities

  • Participate in weekend garden work days  
  • Promote English conversation in the garden
  • Assist with seed distribution in Spring and Fall
Operations Banner.png

Operational Assistance


volunteer opportunities

  • Service on the board of directors
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Fundraising
  • Offering translation services (Arabic, Nepali, Spanish, etc)
  • Providing trauma counseling
  • Grant writing
  • Assistance with special events
  • Creative services (photography, writing)
  • Renovation work on the Welcome Kitchen space
  • Name your own idea!